Sample Engagements

Strategy: Our multi-perspective strategy approach looks at where you are now, where you would like to go, and how to get there based on what is unique to your organization. This often involves methods to save time or capital and is based on decades of experience across several companies covering several industries

Special Projects: Technology assessments, stealth product design, M&A, joint ventures, spinouts, facilities/laboratory buildout, ideation, brainstorming, project leadership.

Startups: We specialize in startups from conception to sale, M&A, or IPO. We have decades of experience starting, funding, growing, and exiting companies. Startups give us the ability to work in a near bureaucracy-free zone, where we can drive success faster. Our specialties include biotechnology, high-tech, deep tech companies, scientific discovery and commercialization, and philanthropic endeavors (both for-profit and nonprofit). Let us know if you would like to discuss various ways we can help you succeed faster.

Innovation: R&D, strategic arrangements, lean principles where appropriate.

Advisory: Scientific, technical, business, strategy, subject matter expert (SME), specific products.

Relocation: We help companies who are considering moving to or starting a division in the Austin, TX Metro area. Please contact us for more information.

Board of Directors

Business planning: We start with both the technology and the proposed customer and help articulate the best way to get from where you are to where you want to be. This can help you raise funding, stay on top of your progress, and communicate with customers and employees.

New project evaluation: Brainstorming and ideation, resource allocation, strategies to decrease time and cost.

Fundraising: Fundraising strategy, execution.

Growth: Teambuilding, capitalization, expansion, strategy.

Pivots: We can help you evaluate whether you should change direction or pivot. We can often help you find new customers for your products or services, or we can help find new products or services for your customers.

Business development strategy: Customer needs analysis, product-market fit, KPIs, strategy.

Shareholder value: Strategic partnerships, opportunity execution, strategy, spinouts, joint ventures, and preparation for M&A or IPO.

Other competencies and skills

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