Why Innovation?

Innovation comes in many flavors. Innovation for operational efficiency, Innovation for new products or services, and even innovation for innovation’s sake. With modern tools, the idea to prototype to marketable product timeline has drastically been reduced. As a result, it is much easier to get to market with a new product. It is also much easier for competitors to leapfrog your creation. We should be able to help in several ways:

  • An outside perspective
  • Understanding the product-market fit
  • Based on our experience in several industries
  • Representative innovations from our team: robotics, construction, biofabrication, bioprinting, software development, automated systems, tissue engineering, cell therapy, biomimetics, biomaterials, vascular engineering, imaging, etc.
  • C-Suite experience covering several functions: CEO, CTO, CMO, CFO, COO, CxO.

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